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We follow all mandates and guidelines from the The Westfield Board of Health, and go above and beyond the requirements. Here are some of the safety measures we are taking to keep our dancers safe.  

  • We follow all mandates and guidelines from the The Westfield Board of Health for all health and safety protocols, and go above and beyond the requirements. 

  • Students and faculty maintain social distancing at all times. The floors have been marked in the lobby to show students where to stand while waiting to enter/exit the studio.

  • The studio is being cleaned on a daily basis before and after each class with hospital grade disinfectant solutions. This includes high touch areas such as doorknobs, ballet barres, door handles, sinks, toilets, chairs, mats, etc. Floors are steam cleaned daily. 

  • There is touchless hand soap in both restrooms and hand sanitizer stations located in multiple areas of the studio for use by faculty and students.

  • Dancers will stop at the hand sanitizing station inside the front door and apply hand sanitizer before entering the classroom and exiting the studio.

  • Ionic air cleaners in each all 3 dance rooms as well as the waiting room. Windows and doors will be kept open whenever weather allows.

  • We are using hospital grade disinfectant, Lysol wipes, Clorox wipes, and Lysol spray for daily cleaning.

Laurie Bisi Dziadosz, Parent

Thoroughly impressed with your organization and measures taken to make dance safe for all! Such thoughtful practices put in place- you didn’t miss a beat setting the bar high and a showing how this can be done.

Allison Kelleher Sullivan, Parent

I am completely blown away by the talent that this studio produces! It’s no joke they have some incredibly talented performers! I really believe every young child should dance! It promotes such body awareness, coordination, flexibility, rhythm, timing, attention, memory, and confidence!


Try dance you’ll be happy and so will they—-until that is they find their niche and beg you for horseback riding lessons! If you have a dancer you know it and NEDC is the place to be.


I might be slightly biased because my Moms been dancing & teaching there [correction] (almost) from their initial opening ——but the proof is in their reputation. Tell Miss Gina Kelleher and Hayley Cloud that a “want to be dancer” and Mom of these two cuties sent you!

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